The Finnish Cultural Heritage Foundation

In 1984 about a dozen organisations representing various interest groups (cultural foundations, societies and governmental organisations) founded the Finnish National Heritage Foundation.  According to Finnish law, a foundation cannot have individual members so a society, The Society of National Heritage Support, was also founded for interested persons. Both these organisations are of a distinctly private nature. The foundation has four estates at its ownership:


Lammi Farmstead lies at Sammatti, a small community approximately 80 km northwest from Helsinki. This house was the last home of Elias Lönnrot, the father of the Finnish national epic, Kalevala and one of the active scientists of his time. In this house he wrote a Finnish dictionary and new hymnbook. The house was isolated on purpose, because Lönnrot wanted to be able to dedicate his entire time to work. Lammi Farmstead has remained quite isolated and its surroundings retain the atmosphere of the end of the 19th century. Contact Sari Lehtinen tel. +358 40 5544235, sammatin.lammi(at)



Brinkhall Manor lies on an island 17 km from the centre of Turku, the oldest town in Finland. The house and annexes are located between a lake and the sea. The island is part of the extensive Turku archipelago. The manor consists of some 20 buildings and 34 hectares of park, gardens, agricultural land and forest as well as sea and lake shores.
Brinkhall’s neoclassical main building was built in 1793. In the beginning of 20th century major renovations were carried out which were also in the classical style. Brinkhall´s English garden was one of the first in this style in Finland in the beginning of 19th century. A few years ago Brinkhall provided the location for a famous historical drama series called Hovimäki, which became widely celebrated in Finland. Before filming, the manor had been empty for decades.

The aim of the foundation is to convert Brinkhall Manor into a site for cultural activities (music, arts, theatre etc.), scientific seminars and educational courses. Commercial activities would also be welcomed.

Brinkhall´s premises are available for meetings, conferences and private parties or functions. A summer café also operates at Brinkhall. Contact tel. +358 44 094 0048, brinkhall(at)


Haukkavuori –scenic point lies close to the Fenno-Russian border at Ruokolahti. This site holds a border marker of Uusikaupunki peace in 1721. The site is on the top of the hill and there is an excellent view over lakes and forests of Southern Carelia District.